How To Make Money On TikTok – Your Definitive Guide (2020)

If you interested in knowing how to make money on tikTok, Then you are at right place.

TikTok is a trending entertainment video app. tikTok was launched in 2017 by byte dance and its popularity is increasing day by day.

TikTok changed the life of many people. Many people are earning huge Money on TikTok.

Can we make money on TikTok?

Many people have this confusion that are they can make money on tiktok.

there is currently no way that you can make money directly from tiktok. this app doesnot pay any money to their content creators.

famous creator use their fanbase, followers to earn money.

Make Money On TikTok

Make Money On TikTok
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There is some ways you can use to make money On tikTok, Although there is not partner program in this as other Platforms have like youtube.

I will show you 3 ways which you can use to make money.

So lets get started.

1. Brand Promotion

You can promote brand to your audience. This is popular way to earn money.

you promote brands procuct or service and they will give you money for that promotion. You get money basis on your follower and how much views you get.

Normally brands pitch inflencers to promote their product, but you can also pitch brands if their products is similer to your conent.

You get paid by checque, bank and paypal.

2. Live Show

When your reached 1000 Followers you have a option to go live.

when you go live your followers can see you and they can give you virtual gifts, which later can converted in real cash.

There is smaller one gift is panda and larger one is drama queen.

3. Merchandising

This is one of the popular to way to earn money, if you gain good ammount of followers then you can make your own merchandise.

if you dont what is merchandising you can read this guide.

to make good money from it you first have to make sure that you have enough followers.

your followers like you so they most likely to buy anything from you, so its a great Opportunity.


so now you have a better idea about how you can make money from TikTok. these are the ways you can use to make money.

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